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Founded in 2017, Australian Forex is a small business focused on providing trading insights. We are based in Melbourne, with some of our team in Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide. All of us at Australian Forex have several years of experience in the financial sector, with many having worked as analysts in firms around Australia and the wider APAC region.

Our Mission

We are interested in helping others reach their financial goals and fulfil their investment potential, and we are committed to providing the resources needed by retail traders to increase their skill level. We believe in transparency in the financial market, and we strive to be a reliable and reputable source for traders. To fulfil our mission, we publish a wide range of articles on Forex, Stock, and Commodities trading.

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Our Services

We provide a platform of resources related to Stock, Forex, and Commodity trading for all investors, regardless of their experience and expertise. We also provide financial consultancy services upon request. If you fill out our Contact Form, we can put you through with our small team of experienced analysts who have experience working in the financial sector.

Graphical representation of stock market trends with fluctuating line charts.