The Best Moving Averages for Day Trading

The Best Moving Averages for Day Trading

Day traders need continual feedback and information on short-term price actions for making fast buying and selling decisions. Intraday bars in several moving averages are a great help here and allow fast analysis that shows the current dangers and the most profitable entries and exits. These averages operate as macro filters, advising the keen trader […]

Falling USD index might trigger the golden setups for gold traders

bullish and bearish retracement level in the gold market

The U.S economy is facing an extreme level of uncertainty under Mr. Trump new administration. No one certain about the newly elected U.S president next movement. On 8th November 2016, Mr. Trump stated that they will include tax cut policy and increase the fiscal spending to bring stability in the economy. But 5 five months […]

Gold price slowly heading towards the market sweet spot

market sweet spot

Trading the financial instrument is very much popular nowadays among the retail traders. Though the financial market offers an extreme level of profit potential to the traders but very few traders can actually nail the market like the professional Australian traders. Gold trading is very much popular in Australia and most of the expert traders […]